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Afghanistan is one of the countries of the world most affected by landmines, where landmines and unexploded ordnances (UXO) still pose a great risk. Furthermore, many victims, who become disabled after landmine and UXO accidents are not offered enough medical service or public assistance.

AAR Japan has been carrying out comprehensive landmine action efforts in Afghanistan since the opening of Kabul office in January 2002.

Activities in Afghanistan

Mine Risk Education (MRE)

Mine Risk Education for children

AAR Japan educates people in Afghanistan on how to avoid the risks of landmines to prevent landmine-related deaths and injuries. AAR Japan raises the awareness of approximately 60,000 people every year of the danger of landmines using short films, posters and picture-story cards.

Mine Victim Assistance

It is said that there are approximately 750,000 persons with disabilities (PWDs) including landmine / UXO victims in Afghanistan, which is equivalent of approximately 2.7% of the entire population. However, PWDs can hardly take an active part in society due to insufficient medical care, social services, and education system.

In response, AAR Japan has engaged in improving the education environment by installing barrier-free facilities and conducting teacher training. Moreover, AAR Japan has conducted awareness-raising workshops for teachers and school faculties, as well as community members, to enhance their understanding of disabilities.

Mine Clearance

AAR Japan has been supporting the landmine and UXO clearance efforts in cooperation with HALO TRUST, a British NGO specialized in the removal of landmines and other explosive remnants of war.

Activity Reports from Afghanistan

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