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Since 1992, AAR Japan has supported persons with disabilities (PWDs) through projects such as vocational training and wheelchair production and distribution in Cambodia's capital of Phnom Penh. The wheelchair workshop then became an independent local NGO in October 2006, and AAR Japan has continuously provided support for the workshop’s financing, planning, and management whilst respecting local initiatives and endeavors.

Since 2013, AAR Japan has also been engaging in a new project, called "Inclusive Education" cooperating with schools and communities to create a society where children, regardless of their disabilities, can have access to school and can learn together while receiving appropriate care and attention to their individual needs.

Activities in Cambodia

Inclusive Education (2013 - )

A student in a wheelchair studies in the same classroom as other children. AAR Japan provided the school with a customized desk for wheelchair users. (June, 2014)

Many children with disabilities in Cambodia are deprived of opportunities to go to school. The reasons for this vary from poor school infrastructure and environment, to a lack of understanding about the importance of education for children with disabilities. AAR Japan promotes Inclusive Education, and has been cooperating with schools and communities in Kandal province to ensure that children, regardless of their disabilities, have access to school and can learn together while receiving appropriate care and attention to their individual needs. The Inclusive Education program includes establishing a barrier free school environment and providing training for teachers to help them better engage with children with disabilities.

Wheelchair Production and Distribution

The wheelchair workshop produces over 35 wheelchairs every month, and provides them for free to PWDs in Cambodia.

Managed and operated by AAR Japan since 1994, the wheelchair workshop became an independent local NGO in 2006. Staff at the wheelchair workshop make, distribute, and repair wheelchairs using materials available in Cambodia. When distributing wheelchairs, the staff also gives recipients and their families basic rehabilitation and caregiving advice. The staff also regularly visits those living far from Phnom Penh in order to check the condition of their wheelchairs and carry out repairs as needed. While respecting local initiatives and endeavors, AAR Japan has continuously helped fund the workshop, as well as helped strengthen the operational and financial management capacities of the staff.

Livelihood Assistance to Flood Victims around Tonle Sap Lake

One of the flood victims (left) with her vegetables ready to harvest. On the right is AAR Japan staff member Tomoko SONODA, from the Tokyo office. (April 2012)

In the aftermath of the 2011 flood which overwhelmed Southeast Asia, AAR Japan sent an emergency assistance team and distributed foodstuffs and other essential goods to 3,000 families in Cambodia.

With many also having lost their crops in the flood, AAR Japan continued efforts by distributing vegetable seeds for fast growing plants such as sponge gourd, water spinach, and beans, and gave out essential equipment for cultivation. Up to 840 families received this aid, with the aim of helping them get back their livelihood. This emergency relief activity came to an end in 2012.

Vocational Training for Persons with Disabilities

Between 1993 and March 2011, AAR Japan managed a Vocational Training School to support self-reliance of PWDs, including survivors of landmine accidents and those suffering from post-polio syndrome.

Activity Reports from Cambodia

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