Priority Field of Our Activities
Emergency Assistance
Support for Persons with Disabilities
Mine/UXO Action
Action against Infectious Diseases
Awareness Raising

Where We Work

AAR Japan has kept the philosophy of “helping each other when in need,” and has continued its activities in over 60 countries and regions without affiliation to specific politics, ideologies, and religions.

Countries We Work In

Pakistan Tajikistan Afghanistan Turkey Sudan Uganda Zambia Kenya Japan Myanmar Laos Cambodia

Laos PWDMine

We have been assisting a wheelchair factory in the capital city of Vientiane since 2000, giving technical training for manufacturing, and coordinating distributions.
We are also assisting a facility for children with disabilities since 2008, and victims of UXOs since 2009.

Cambodia PWDMine

We are implementing vocational training so that persons with disabilities such as victims of landmines or polio can become independent. We are also assisting a local NGO that manufactures wheelchairs.

Myanmar PWDMine

In Yangon, we are conducting vocational training for PWDs with tailoring and hair cutting courses.
We are also helping victims of the 2008 cyclone with recovery efforts such as livelihood assistance, as well as implementing a community-based rehabilitation program.

Nepal Emergency

We are providing recovery assistance for mountainous areas suffered serious damage by the earthquake that shook Nepal in April, 2015.

Pakistan Emergency

Pakistan has been home to hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees, and security in Pakistan itself has deteriorated since 2009, resulting in many IDPs. We have been assisting refugee camps and its surrounding communities, especially through renovations of primary schools and sanitation awareness activities.

Afghanistan PWDMine

We are implementing mine risk education and developing materials for education since January 2002.
In Takhar Province in northern Afghanistan, we are assisting a facility that provides physical therapy for PWDs.

Tajikistan PWD

We are assisting the only wheelchair factory in Tajikistan, through technical training and coordinating distributions. We are also helping with the reconstruction of welfare facilities serving children with disabilities, as well as vocational training courses for women.

Turkey PWD

Miyuki KONNAI hands relief supplies to a family affected by the earthquake in Turkey

We have distributed relief goods such as food and daily necessities to victims of the large earthquake that took place in eastern Turkey on October 23rd, 2011.

Sudan Mine

Sudan is a country that has seen 21 years of internal conflict, and is lacking basic components of civilized life such as infrastructure. We are implementing mine risk education to decrease landmine accidents.

Kenya Emergency

We are implementing emergency assistance in regions affected by the drought that took place in eastern Africa in 2011.

Uganda Mine

In cooperation with a local NGO serving landmine victims in Uganda, we are helping victims build support networks, as well as helping them become financially independent through their businesses.

Zambia Medical

We are implementing an AIDS prevention operation in the capital city of Lusaka and its surrounding areas. AIDS is one of the most serious problems affecting communities in Zambia.

Haiti EmergencyPWD

We are providing recovery assistance for victims of the earthquake that shook Haiti in January, 2010.

Vanuatu Emergency

We are distributing goods and also assisting medical care service in the islands attacked by the large cyclone on March, 2015.

Japan Emergency

We are providing recovery assistance to victims living in the three prefectures (Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima Prefectures) that were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in March, 2011.

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