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In January 2005, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed between North and Southern Sudan, bringing an end to the 21 years of civil war. It is estimated that as many as two million people had lost their lives and more than 4.5 million had either been internally displaced or had sought refuge in neighboring countries. On 9th of July of the year 2011, the 10 southern states became an independent country, which is now known as the Republic of South Sudan.

Activities in Sudan

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Sudanese staff members are explaining the importance of water sanitation to locals

Composed largely of dry land, many parts of Sudan is not yet equipped with appropriate water facilities. Poor sanitary conditions is also contributing to the high prevalence rate of diarrhea as well as other water-born diseases. People walk long hours to fetch water or spend significant amount of money in order to obtain safe water every day.

In the east side of Kassala, AAR Japan works on rehabilitation of safe water intake facilities as well as construction of toilets. At the same time, AAR team encourages maintenance efforts by the local people of these facilities, establishing and training local maintenance committees. Promoting hygiene education among villagers are also an important mission of AAR, utilizing those IEC (information, education and communication) materials developed by AAR IEC team.

Action against Infectious Diseases

Takashi Ujikawa, resident officer, and Children who received notebooks explaining how to prevent mycetoma.

Since 2013, AAR Japan has been collaborating with a local NGO in the state of White Nile, in order to combat infectious diseases such as mycetoma.

Mycetoma is a slow-growing infectious disease caused by specific kinds of bacteria or fungi found in soil. Such organisms can enter the body through any kind of wound, but most typically through those on the arms, feet, or legs. As the infection progresses, it can extend to muscles and bones. AAR Japan supported a hospital of Andarus village with medical equipment and materials needed to treat those patients contracted with mycetoma. Furthermore, AAR has been providing financial support to the Mycetoma Research Centre and Soba Univeristy Hospital, for them to send volunteer physicians to perform surgeries and to provide care to those patients. AAR is also active in prevention of such infectious diseases among locals, carrying out number of IEC sessions on how to prevent such sickness properly.

These activities have been supported by the generous donation to AAR Japan and the grant from the Rotary Club of Tokyo, Nihonbashi.

Activity Reports from Sudan

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