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In order to support Afghan refugees who had fled from American and British aerial bombardment following the terrorist attacks on the United States in September 2001, AAR Japan opened an office in Tajikistan's capital city of Dushanbe in November 2001. While we were implementing our relief operations with a focus on supporting refugees around the border of Tajikistan and Pakistan, we witnessed the harsh conditions in which the people of Tajikistan had been living under. In response, AAR Japan began aid efforts in Tajikistan, including medical assistance and assistance to persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Activities in Tajikistan

Promotion of Inclusive Education in Dushanbe

Through the close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Dushanbe City Department of Education, AAR Japan aims at supporting the current efforts of the Government of Tajikistan for inclusive education. With financial assistance from the Japanese government, AAR Japan conducts the three phase inclusive education project. The project consists of two parts. The first part is the rehabilitation of school buildings and provision of equipment. AAR Japan installs wheelchair ramps, handrails, and renovates restrooms at partner schools in Dushanbe. AAR Japan also provides educational materials, rehabilitation equipment, and mobility devices to the resource classrooms at those schools. The second part focuses on strengthening human resources for inclusive education. With the cooperation of the local public organizations Rushdi Incluziya, IRODA, and CiDa, AAR Japan organizes teacher trainings, seminars, consultation, and awareness raising activities to teachers, students, parents, and government officials. In the first phase of the project started from January 2014, four representatives from the partner schools and organizations visited Japan and observed the Japan’s initiatives on educational support for students with different disabilities.

Promotion of Social Participation among PWDs

Ms. Shahzoda SULTONBOIZODA shows her favorite piece of clothing that she made in AAR Japan’s tailoring class. She was born with an impairment in her spinal cord, so she is dependent on crutches (2011/10/21)

Today PWDs still receive little support from the government, placing them and their families under difficult financial situations.
With the facility of the Federation for Persons with Disabilities, AAR Japan had held tailoring / cooking courses since 2011 to 2012 and massage / cosmetic courses since 2013 to 2014 for PWDs and their family member. In the cooking course, AAR Japan had had a training class using an actual kitchen of the hotel in Dushanbe with hotel’s staff. As a result, one trainee could obtain a job as a chef in the hotel. In addition to the tailoring and cooking classes, AAR Japan has been periodically organizing open markets to sell the goods produced by the trainees.
Such activities not only help PWDs earn a living, but also encourage the interaction between PWDs and the people in the local community. This project ended in February 2014.

The Activity has been supported by the generous donation to AAR Japan, Felissimo, and JICF.

Production and Distribution of Wheelchairs

AAR Japan delivered a wheelchair to Sodikjon HAZRATKULOV who is 13 years old. He has a disability in both of his legs due to cerebral palsy. (Pictured center front) Pictured on the right of the back row is Keigo YOSHIDA of AAR Japan Tokyo headquarters office and in the front left is Abduholik RAHMONOV, a staff member of Dilshod (2012/8/1)

In order to promote social participation among PWDs in Tajikistan by increasing their access to wheelchairs, AAR Japan has been supporting the one and only wheelchair workshop in the country called “Dilshod” in Vakash, a city in the southwest of the country, since October 2011.
Dilshod was established in 2000, but its productivity has been hanging low due to lack of technical skills and appropriate equipment. As the first step, AAR Japan reconstructed the workshop building and installed necessary equipment including a generator. Moreover, we sent Mr. Hiroyuki MINAMI, a wheelchair expert, and taught the staff members at Dilshod the method of manufacturing under his guidance. This project came to an end in 2013.

This project was made possible thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Grant Aid for Japanese NGO's Projects.

Medical Assistance

AAR Japan repaired a hospital in Dushanbe, additionally providing medical equipment and offering training in rehabilitation techniques conducted by a Japanese expert. These efforts ended in October 2010.

This project was made possible thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Grant Aid for Japanese NGO's Projects.

Activity Reports from Tajikistan

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