Raising Public Awareness

AAR Japan actively carries out public awareness programs through events and lectures to promote understanding of "emergency assistance," "mine action," "assistance to persons with disabilities" and "action against infectious diseases".
We aim to raise the interest of wider population in international issues that AAR Japan is concerned with, and hope to involve more people in some of our activities.



AAR Japan actively implements public awareness programs, including action report meetings held by overseas staff members, and lectures on mines and charity concerts.

Report Meeting

We frequently hold report meetings whenever our overseas staff members return to Japan, and they report what is happening in the countries they work in to our supporters through photographs and video clips.


AAR Japan holds workshops on mines for children by obtaining cooperation from shops, juvenile facilities and community centers.

Charity Concert

We organize a few concerts per year to communicate some of the world's problems to the general public through the art of music. All proceeds are used to help implement AAR Japan's activities.

Talks, Lectures, and Reception of NGO Visits

We were invited for a talk at Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK LINE).

Talks and Lectures
AAR Japan staff members can come to your company, assembly, or school to talk about our activities.

Field trip students asking many questions to our staff members.

NGO Visits
Students on field trips or company workers can visit AAR Japan's office, and can learn about how an NGO is run or about our various activities.

Collaborative Events

AAR Japan conducted a classroom on landmines at a family event organized by SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

Corporations offer cooperation to AAR Japan within variety of ways. They place donation boxes in offices, purchase “Sunny-chan” goods for gifts used in their parties, and their employees join us as volunteers.

Rental Service

AAR Japan lends photo panels of urgent relief and mine actions, and DVDs showing our activities.
Please send us an email for rental requests.

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