Many refugees, fleeing the political instability in Syria and Afghanistan, try to make their way into Europe through Greece. However, in 2016, many of these European countries began closing their borders. Refugees, who made their way into Greece, but have no place to return or move forward to, live in refugee camps in the capital city of Athens, northern region near Macedonia or in small Greek Islands. AAR Japan, through local NGOs, supports refugees that have fled to Greece.

Activities in Greece

Protecting Children

METAction shelters 25 children, ranging from 10 to 17 year olds, who have no guardians (May 2016)

Among the refugees who have crossed the sea to Greece, are children who made this journey alone. A local NGO, METAction, opened a shelter to protect the children and ensure they have a secure environment until their next destination is determined. AAR Japan, through this facility, supports refugee children in Greece.

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