About AAR Japan

AAR Japan is an international NGO that reaches out to the most vulnerable populations around the globe, guided by the principles of neutrality and impartiality. Founded in 1979, we have been working towards achieving a world where all people, as unique and diverse human beings, can coexist with human dignity and in harmony.

Our Principles

Impartiality and Independence

AAR Japan discriminates against no one based on their political views, or religious belief and delivers aid to the most affected in an impartial manner. To ensure neutrality of our work, we make all the efforts possible to avoid depending on public sources of funding.

Supporting those who are most in need

AAR Japan is dedicated to assisting those who are most affected and most in need whatever the reason may be. We also aim to provide long-term assistance rather than short-lived aid.

Award and Status

  • The ICBL jointly received the Novel Peace Prize
    As a member organization of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines(ICBL), AAR Japan has contributed to the realization of the Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty. For the collective efforts, the ICBL was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1997
  • 1999 Yomiuri NewspaperInternational Cooperation Award
  • 2008 Okinawa Peace Award
  • 1998 AAR Japan obtained special consultative status in the UN Economic Social Council
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