OSA Yukie

OSA Yukie joined AAR in 1990 as a volunteer to support the study of Indochina refugee scholarship students. From 1991 to 2013, she worked as a staff member, providing emergency humanitarian assistance and mine action in conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and elsewhere. She was President of AAR from 2008 to the end of June 2021. She is also the Vice President of Rikkyo University and a member of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research Board of Directors.

Since its founding in 1979, AAR has been working in more than 60 countries and regions. In Japan, to help refugees, disaster victims, the disabled, and others living in harsh environments save lives and create a better future. AAR was started in 1979 with a simple but compelling thought, "When in need, we are there for each other." With the support of those who agree with us, AAR, as an unbiased organization that is neutral to politics, religion, and ideology, has walked alongside the beneficiaries to this day. No matter what time of the year it is, we will always try to carry out unique activities for AAR. Please lend us your support.


HORIE Yoshiteru

After completing graduate school, he worked for a private logistics company. He joined AAR in 2000 and has been involved in projects for Chechen refugees, Afghanistan, etc. He served as Acting Executive Director since November 2003 and as Executive Director from April 2005 to the end of June 2021.

AAR has been active in more than 60 countries and regions so far. In frequent conflicts in various parts of the world and large-scale natural disasters in Japan and abroad, AAR is working to strengthen its organization and the capacity of its staff so that it can respond quickly to emergency relief and steadily implement its existing projects. I hope that each of our staff members will continue to study and improve their skills so that we can provide even better support as an international NGO.

Message from the Founder

SOHMA Yukika


In 1979, at the age of 67, in response to criticism from abroad that Japan was cold toward refugees, Yukika founded AAR Japan (then known as Association for Aid and Relief for Indochina Refugees) to "show the world the goodwill of the Japanese people. He was the first simultaneous interpreter in Japan. She is the third daughter of OZAKI Yukio, who is known as the "father of constitutional government.

― From her speech at the 1997 General Assembly
The world is getting smaller and smaller. The more technology advances, the more each of us must acquire the ability to judge what is right and wrong when we are exposed to various information. And I hope that you will use what you have learned for the benefit of Japan and the world. When I say "think about the world," some people say, "Are you going to leave the problems of your own country behind? How important it is for us to open our hearts to the world. I hope that the Japanese people will take an interest in the world, and I hope that you will help Japan become a country that can serve the world.