Refugee Assistance

Towards the Future

Refugee children suffering from mental and physical trauma, or people who have lost
their jobs, homes, and homelands: For them, it is not easy to retrieve
what they have lost, but it is surely possible to create a brand-new future.

AAR Japan assists refugees and displaced people
throughout their journey to restart a new life.

Towards the Future

Story Story of a South Sudanese refugee girl

I must be alive.Mary

Mary©Yoshifumi Kawabata"My dream is to become a doctor or something that helps people," said Mary.

One day, Mary's father, a policeman, was taken away by an armed group. Her mother died when she was very young, and she was left alone with her 16-year-old brother. When she witnessed a mother and a child being killed with a machete (a long-bladed knife) on the street, she thought "If we continue staying here, our life will also be at stake.” They walked for a week with the bare minimum of their belongings until they reached the Ugandan border.

“Here we were given food and a place to live. We have no fear of being killed at any time, and we feel relieved. But I am very lonely. I want to see my father”, she says.

Mary is now studying hard at school in the refugee settlement. “It's essential to gain knowledge because we have to get a job and live on our own.”


Main countries of activities

Emergency relief

Food distribution in a refugee camp

We provide fundamental assistance to people fleeing conflicts so that they can restart their independent life.

Deprived of a peaceful life all of a sudden, refugees and displaced people barely escape alive from their home without carrying anything. Therefore, the first thing we do is to head to the location and to assess their situations. This first assessment will be followed by the delivery of essential life-saving supplies including water, food, hygiene products, blankets along with others.

Livelihood support in
refugee camps

Congolese refugee children diligently studying with a small desk (Uganda)

We support refugees to get on with their lives through education, livelihood support, and community building.

Refugees need continuous support even after they are no longer in the spotlight of the global attention. To support their lives until their possible repatriation, we implement various operations such as improving the educational environment for children, providing mental health care, improving access to water and sanitation, and conducting community building. We also help those who have chosen to settle down and integrate into the host community to live on their own by providing assistance on income-earning activities like agricultural activities.