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AAR Japan & Support 21 Support Program for Emergency Evacuees Application for Emergency Grant (2nd Phase) now accepted


The Emergency Grant, a one-time lump sum cash assistance program, operated jointly by Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR Japan) and Support 21, is designed for refugees/evacuees who have recently arrived in Japan to avoid warring or unstable situations in their home countries, and intended to alleviate their urgent cash shortage.

Description of Grant:
100,000 yen per person for 18 years old or older.
50,000 yen per person for 17 years old or younger (One time per person only)

Primary Requirements for Application:
-Arrived in Japan from countries including Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Myanmar, etc., for evacuation from warfare/instabilities in their home countries, and are expected to stay in Japan for a certain period.
-Less than one year since arrival in Japan
-In possession of valid status of residence
-Capable of visiting AAR office in Tokyo for interview, etc., in principle
-Not receiving regular salary at the time of an interview
-Not receiving any form of continuous financial support from Nippon Foundation, etc., at the time of the interview
Note: Application may be turned down after examining applicants’ circumstances. Should there be any false information provided either in the application form or during the interview, AAR may demand reimbursement of the grant.

Grant-giving Procedure:
1. Registration of basic information (from PC or mobile, in Japanese or English)
2. Scheduling an interview
3. Interview by AAR/Support 21 staff (at AAR office in Tokyo)
Note: -All applicants are expected to participate in principle.
-Interview is conducted either in English or Japanese.
-Interpretation in other languages will be arranged if requested.
-A maximum of 1,500 yen is paid in accordance with AAR’s regulations for travel expenses.
4. Review & Announcement (within 2-3 working days after interview)
5. Grant delivery (at AAR office in person, directly to each applicant)

If you wish to apply, click HERE (For mobile, access the registration format from QR code below)

QR code

For inquiry on Emergency Grant, or other possibilities of refugee/evacuee support, please send an e-mail to:

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