Map & Basic Information

  • Area

    780,576 square kilometers

  • Population

    83,154,997 (2019, National Statistics Institute of Turkey)

  • Capital


  • Ethnicity

    Turks and others (Kurds mainly in the southeast, Armenians, Greeks, Jews, etc.)

  • Language

    Turkish (official language)

  • Religion

    Mostly Muslim (Sunni, Alawites) and others including Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox and Jews.


Source:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Issues to be addressed

Turkey is hosting more than 3.6 million Syrian refugees* who have fled from the civil war since 2011, and the majority are living not in refugee camps but in urban areas. Many of them are unable to access public services due to a lack of sufficient information, and it is also difficult for them to find a job that ensures stable incomes. Frictions between refugees and host communities are often observed.



Tailor-made support for each

A Syrian refugee woman in a wheelchair provided by AAR.

AAR Japan provides individual medical, educational, and psychosocial support to refugees who need assistance, including children without guardians. For refugees with disabilities, we provide rehabilitation services and wheelchairs. In addition, when government services are available, we support the procedures for receiving these services.

Building mutually-supportive
community for refugees

Refugees share with each other challenges in their daily lives and work together to find solutions that can be implemented in the community.

We implement community building so that refugees can live together and support each other in the community. For instance, group activities among people with disabilities and their families, mothers, youth and adolescents serve as an opportunity to discuss challenges in their community, find solutions, and put them into action.

Major Activities in Past

  • 2011 - 2012

    Emergency support for East Turkey Earthquake

    Upon an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 in the eastern part of Turkey on 23 October 2011, we dispatched an emergency relief team to distribute food and daily necessities.

  • 2012 - 2013

    Support project for children
    with disabilities

    We provided walking aids and learning materials to a special education rehabilitation center to help promoting rehabilitation for children with disabilities and to facilitate their social participation.

  • 2017 - 2020

    Establishment of a child
    friendly space

    We operated a facility where children can play and grow safely, and at the same time, Syrian refugees and Turkish locals can socialize each other.