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“Thank God we are relieved!” Food delivered to isolated areas: Noto Peninsula Earthquake


Two weeks after the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, there is an urgent need for assistance in isolated areas and inaccessible “Settlements in need of assistance” in Ishikawa Prefecture.

An AAR staff member hands a cardboard box to a man in front of a meeting place.

AAR Ohara (left) delivers relief supplies to a meeting place in Machino district, Wajima, Ishikawa, Japan, January 14, 2024

“I’m so thankful! Now we can distribute tomorrow’s food to everyone.” After searching for a safe route from downtown Wajima, we finally arrived at the Machino district in the mountains. We handed out retort-packed rice, instant noodles, bottled drinking water, portable stoves, women’s underwear, toilet paper, etc. to the evacuees at the meeting place.

The area finally became less isolated around the 12th, but not enough relief supplies have been distributed. “The food that was supposed to be distributed today didn’t arrive, and the evacuees who came to pick it up were disappointed when they left. We are very grateful for your support,” said one evacuee. Three disaster victims whose homes were completely destroyed are sleeping at the meeting place, and there are about 40 residents who are either evacuated from their homes or staying in their cars. Some have moved to “1.5 evacuation centers” such as hotels prepared by the government, or to the homes of relatives.

Three men are sitting and talking in a tatami room.

Ohara listens to people who evacuated to the meeting place

Residents said, “Water has been cut off and we are running out of water, so we are washing dishes and laundry with water from the stream in the cold,” “Colds are starting to spread, so we need hygiene products such as antiseptic solution,” and “The situation is tough now because there are many elderly people. Some people who need nursing care do not want to leave here, and adult diapers are needed.” Another said, “There are many residents still waiting for assistance in the back here,” and even two weeks after the outbreak, the critical situation has not improved.

Five women are sitting and talking in a tatami room.

Women gathered at a meeting place to warm themselves on a stove

AAR has been providing food at evacuation centers and relief supplies in cooperation with partner companies since immediately after the earthquake, and is also focusing on providing support to the disabled and foreign residents who are in more difficult positions. We would like to reiterate our sincere gratitude for your cooperation in AAR’s emergency support for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake.

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