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We are directly delivering yokan and honey provided by companies: Noto Peninsula Earthquake


In the Noto Peninsula earthquake-stricken area, many victims are still living in inconvenient shelters in the bitter cold weather. AAR Japan (Association for Aid and Relief, Japan)’s emergency support team has been delivering relief supplies donated by our partner companies directly to evacuation centers in Ishikawa Prefecture, which are highly welcomed by the victims.

A man receives yokan on a tray from an AAR staff member.

Mitsuru Namatame of AAR hands out Toraya yokan at an evacuation center in Wajima, Ishikawa, Japan, January 24, 2024

About 30 elderly people have taken refuge at a community life support facility in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture. When we handed out yokans (sweet bean jelly) “Kogata(small sized) Yokan” and “Yawaraka(soft) Yokan Yururuka” provided by Toraya Confectionery Co. Ltd. (Tokyo), a long-established and one of the most famous Japanese confectionery company that has supported AAR for many years. People said, “Wow, yokans from Toraya!”

AAR has been delivering Toraya’s yokan to disaster-stricken areas in various regions. The sweetness of the yokan is always well received by the physically and mentally exhausted survivors, who are able to take a moment to relax and feel at ease. In addition, AAR deliveredthe facility emergency portable toilets, wet towels for wiping the body, disposable body warmers, nutritional jelly, etc. We also provided pillows and covers, which were requested by the victims because they were unable to wash their clothes due to the continuous water outage.

A woman receives honey in a tube from an AAR staff member

A female staff member receiving honey on January 19

“Special Nutrition Source Cinamon Honey” from Nalelu Co.,Ltd. (Tokyo) was delivered to welfare facility in Suzu City and fishery technical intern trainees from Indonesia who are living as evacuees at dormitory in the same city. A staff member said, “We are very grateful for the immune-effect foodstuffs as the flu and colds are prevalent. We will immediately distribute them to everyone.”

Indonesian trainees and AAR staff stand around a pile of food

Food and hygiene supplies for Indonesian technical intern trainees in Noto Town, Ishikawa Prefecture, January 13, 2024

The facility’s staff, who themselves were affected by the disaster, are commuting from the evacuation center to care for the facility’s users, but efforts to reopen the facility have been difficult due to a lack of manpower. AAR also delivered waterless shampoo and bottled drinking water.

AAR has been cooperating with many companies and organizations to support the affected areas, and we have received many “thank you” messages from the victims for each of the items we have delivered. We would like to ask once again for your cooperation in AAR’s support for the Noto Peninsula earthquake-stricken areas.

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