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Saga Prefecture's Affected Areas: Difficulties Continue After Two Months

2021 Kyushu floods Emergency Assistance

More than two months after the torrential rains of August 2021, which caused extensive damage, mainly in Saga Prefecture, many people in the affected areas are still evacuating from their homes on the second floor of their flooded houses. AAR Japan (Association for Aid and Relief, Japan) started its emergency relief activities immediately after the disaster and is currently providing "outreach" support to evacuees at home...

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  • Ethiopian Refugees Forced to Live in Poor Sanitation Areas

    Ethiopian Refugees

    The onset of clashes last November between the government forces and armed groups in the northern Ethiopian state of Tigray resulted in an enormous number of displaced people in the neighboring countries. Of these, more than 60,000 have fled to refugee camps in eastern Sudan where the water and sanitation conditions are critically insufficient. ...

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