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Action Against Infectious Diseases

In the activity fields, where we have implemented refugee and mine related programs, a large number of people also suffer from infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and cholera. In light of this, AAR Japan takes action against infectious diseases in Zambia, Haiti, and South Sudan, while regarding it as one of activity priorities.


Action against HIV/AIDS in Zambia

There are many children who lost parents and could not attend school in Zambia.

AAR Japan conducts HIV/AIDS-related operations in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and its suburbs, where people have been seriously affected by the disease. One out of six of all children in the nation lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. There is still no end to children who lost their breadwinners and cannot afford to attend school.
AAR Japan provides children who cannot go to school with assistance to school attendance. Furthermore, we support those who bring up children so that they can secure incomes for school expenses in order for their children to continue attending school.
In addition, AAR Japan carries out activities to spread appropriate knowledge on HIV/AIDS and prevent infection, improve home-visit nursing, and build and maintain facilities for testing and counseling. The local high school students and HIV-positive persons actively participate in the prevention of the disease and take part in home-visit nursing. As a whole, these activities are becoming established in local communities.

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