Myanmar (Burma)

The welfare system in Myanmar lags significantly behind those of other Asia-Pacific nations. AAR Japan opened its office in the capital city of Yangon (Rangoon) in 1999, and began running a vocational training center (VTC) for persons with disabilities in the following year. AAR Japan has also been implementing community-based rehabilitation (CBR) projects, as well as supporting children with disabilities through a foster parent system.

Activities in Myanmar

Vocational Training Center (VTC) for Persons with Disabilities

Trainees learn hairstyling skills at the VTC.

The VTC provides persons with disabilities with training in tailoring, hairstyling, and computers. Most trainees suffer from physical disabilities resulting from landmine accidents and diseases such as polio. After completing the course, the VTC continues to support graduates so they can gain employment, open their own shops, or become teachers at the center themselves, enabling them to achieve social and economic independence.

Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

To make up for a lack of learning materials for children with disabilities, people in the community made them themselves.

In order to build a society in which all people — regardless of whether they have disabilities — can live together harmoniously, it is essential to actively engage people in their own communities. It is this principle that forms the basis of community-based rehabilitation (CBR), in which people living in the community take a leading role in social development. In 2009, AAR Japan started to implement CBR efforts in Myanmar such as assistance for self-help groups for persons with disabilities, schooling support, livelihood support, and the promotion of universal design. This support operation concluded in January 2015 and we handed these activities to self-help groups for persons with disabilities. AAR Japan will continue to follow up the activities through the participation in their meeting.

Assistance for Children with Disabilities through the Foster Parent System

AAR Japan has been supporting children with intellectual and physical disabilities in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, children with disabilities suffer from both a lack of facilities and a shortage of experts who can offer them the care they need. AAR Japan has been implementing the Program for the Future of the Children of Myanmar, giving children with intellectual or physical disabilities access to rehabilitation, supporting tuition fees and transportation to the schools, and giving them a chance to develop their abilities to become productive members of society.

Emergency Assistance for Cyclone Giri (October 2010 - March 2011)

AAR Japan carried out emergency relief operations for the people affected by Cyclone Giri in October 2010. These efforts ended in March 2011.

Emergency Assistance for Cyclone Nargis (May 2008 - August 2010)

Immediately after cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar on May 2nd, 2008, AAR Japan dispatched staff to distribute emergency relief supplies. After supporting recovery in the aftermath of this powerful cyclone, operations were concluded in August 2010.

Activity Reports from Myanmar

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